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If you are a researcher, a music therapist or a music therapist in training, our financial grants can help you to reach your professional goals. Apply for assistance from the Music Therapy Trust.

Darrelle London and
Canadian Music Therapists
Sing it Loud!

Darrelle London wrote us a song and so we asked music therapists across Canada to make us a video. Here it is! Sing it Loud – Darrelle London for Music Therapy from Scott Rondeau on Vimeo. A note from Darrelle London Happy, Happy New Year! 2014 was very kind to...

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Move, groove and have fun in Vancouver, Saskatoon, Calgary, Windsor, Waterloo, Guelph, Burlington, Toronto, Ottawa/Perth and Montreal. Help us raise money and awareness for music therapy in Canada! MARCH DETAILS FOR YOUR CITY AT THE RUNNING ROOM!  Here’s what you do!...