Darrelle London wrote us a song and so we asked music therapists across Canada to make us a video. Here it is!

Sing it Loud – Darrelle London for Music Therapy from Scott Rondeau on Vimeo.

A note from Darrelle London

Happy, Happy New Year!

2014 was very kind to me. There was a winter of writing. A spring of decision making, including song-selection for the new album and choosing to work with producers, Kevin Fox and Robyn Dell’Unto. A summer of creativity, as we developed the sonic vision for the new record. And a fall of recording with some of my favourite musicians.

But my FAVOURITE project of 2014, hands-down, was working with Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund on this song and awareness campaign. I’m so happy to support the work that they do and I’m entering 2015 Singing it Loud for music therapy. Happy New Year!