Volunteer Public Relations Coordinators – *Four people required – two year term
The goal for the volunteer in the Public Relations Coordinator position is to increase public awareness of the Music Therapy Trust through media and education representation in the following capacities:

  • As directed by the Music Therapy Trust: promoting general charity information and specific events and happenings
  • As directed by Music Therapy Trust to find a suitable representative outside of the volunteers city but in their Region
  • In self-directed opportunities

Reporting to the Music Therapy Trust Fundraising Team, the job requirements include communicating the Music Therapy Trust Mission and Vision to the community by speaking with the media, building community relationships at local events and promoting Music Therapy Trust fundraising events. Hours for this position will vary depending on events and opportunities (approx. 5hrs/month). A Music Therapy Trust media kit will be provided to the volunteer.

*These positions are needed in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and an East Coast city.
In addition, the PR position on it’s own could exist in other regions where we will not host an annual March.

Email info@musictherapytrust.ca for more information and to apply.