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April is
Daffodil Month:
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One might find it hard to believe that persons affected by cancer woul …

Marching for Music Therapy across the country


March was National Music Therapy Awareness Month! Across Canada you sa …

Music Therapy
on CBC Radio One
Here and Now

Chrissy Pearson

Listen to Chrissy Pearson MTA on CBC Radio One talking with Karen Gord …

Music therapy works

We fund music therapy in Canada. Music moves us. We have all felt the power of music – all kinds of music – on some level. For those living with physical, developmental, or emotional challenges, music moves us in even more profound ways.

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I have seen the impact that music therapy has on people who are often in the battle of their lives. Music transcends medicine; it transcends the confusion and frustration that patients can be experiencing when suffering from diseases; and it can bring joy, inspiration and reprieve unlike any other help out there.

-Chantal Kreviazuk