About Us

Who is the Music Therapy Trust?

Our Mission

To promote, develop, and support music therapy services and research in order to restore, maintain, and improve the mental, physical, and emotional health of Canadians.

Our Vision

To create better lives through the transformative power of music therapy.

Based in the Music Therapy Centre in Toronto, the Music Therapy Trust is a non-profit organization dedicated to making music therapy available to more people in more communities across Canada.

The scientific evidence tells us that music therapy works. However music therapy is still not a well-known therapy and is seldom funded by government programs. This means that for the most part, music therapy is only available in Canada to those who can pay for it.
Music therapy helps us to move and communicate, to cope, to better understand ourselves and to reach our full potential. We want to make music therapy available to anyone who needs it, so we provide funding for music therapy programs.


We are looking for volunteer PR and Event Coordinators!
We can’t do all that we do without you. If you’re interested in promoting your profession and adding a bit more to your resume, we are looking for energetic, sincere and motivated volunteers to help us make music therapy more accessible to all Canadians!



We exist to help more people in Canada receive music therapy. We bring music therapy into communities that don’t have it. We help music therapists bring services to those who need them.

The Music Therapy Trust is focused on demonstrating the effectiveness and importance of music therapy by helping Canadians to understand music therapy and by funding:

  • pilot projects
  • research
  • clinical subsidies
  • special projects

The bottom line: music therapy works and we want to make it available to more Canadians.



The Music Therapy Trust emerged from the efforts of the music therapy community in Canada in the early nineties. Our first chair was Fran Herman, a Canadian music therapy pioneer. Fran worked tirelessly to raise awareness and to find funding to support music therapy, in order to support music therapy development and research and promote the use of music therapy in hospitals, schools, and other facilities.

Fran’s vision of accessible music therapy services provided by qualified therapists across the country remains the focus of the Music Therapy Trust and we have successfully funded more than 400 projects to date.




Grant application forms

The CMTTF has raised over $4.8M to date, and supported over 450 projects across Canada. We are currently restructuring our grants programs. Please stay tuned!

If you are a researcher, a music therapist or a music therapist-in-training, our financial grants can help you reach your professional goals. Apply for assistance through our Foundation Pairing application below.

Applicant and Foundation Pairing – no deadline

Amount: Completely dependent on the paired foundation

Objective: To pair successful applicants with geographic or population specific foundations and to support the applicant in applying for a grant from the foundation.

Download Forms: English | Français


Grant Recipients

Definitions of grants

Clinical grants are awarded to accredited Canadian music therapists who apply for funding to provide music therapy services in underserved communities across Canada.

Research grants are awarded to accredited Canadian music therapists who apply for funding to add to the body of knowledge about music therapy.

Music Therapy Ride Grants support music therapists working with the Bandwagon Project in BC on an ongoing basis.


Clinical grant recipients:

To be announced

BC Music Therapy Ride – Bandwagon Grant Recipients:

Katherine Dennison
Victoria Conservatory of Music
Trinity Music Therapy
Nejama Ferstman
Maryann Burrows
Stephanie Martyn

Scholarship recipient:

Michael Cohl Fellowship – Demian Kogutek
Fran Herman Scholarships: Felicia Wall, Michael Brush, Mary Parkinson


Clinical grant recipients:

Lucinda Johnston Lawrence MTA – Purchase of instruments for Community Options Music
Therapy Program, Edmonton AB
Amanda Jardine BMT MTA – Individual and group music therapy
Manor’s long-term care facilities, Moncton, New Brunswick.
Jane McLaren MM MTA – Purchase of instruments for Beyond 21, Cornwall ON

BC Music Therapy Ride – Bandwagon Grant Recipients:

Carolyn Neapole, Vancouver
Joanne Suen – B.A.S.E.S. Program, Fraser Heights S.S.
Sheila Lee, Richmond
Laura Unger – George Pearson Centre, Vancouver BC
Don Hardy – MTC Studio, Burnaby BC
Catriona Murphy – West Coast Alternate Highschool, Vancouver BC
Sheila Harry – Tabor Home – Abbotsford BC

Scholarship recipient:

Aimee Berends (Wilfred Laurier) Fran Herman Scholarship


Clinical Grant recipient:

Elizabeth Stolt,  Covenant Health St. Joseph’s Palliative Care Unit, and Covenant Health Edmonton General – Mel Miller Hospice, Edmonton AB.

Research Grant recipient:

Beth Clark, Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, Vancouver BC, Music therapy as a pain modifying intervention in children with life-limiting neurological impairments and metabolic disorders.

Scholarship recipients:

Michael Cohl Fellowship : Susan Baines
Fran Herman Scholarship: Alison Usher Jones, Abigail Graff, and Emily Carruthers


Clinical grant recipients:

Anne Marie Archibald, Queen Elizabeth Health Services, Capital Health, Halifax NS
Erin Morgan, Central Toronto Youth Services, Toronto ON
Erin Johnston, BC Children’s Hospital, Vancouver BC

Scholarships recipients:

Susan Summers:  Michael Cohl Fellowship
Supriya Crocker:  Trust Fund Scholarship


Who We Are

Our Team


L-R  Chrissy Pearson (Clinical Manager), Laurie Schertzer (Communications + Fundraising),
J’bai Deschamps (Community Partnerships + Fundraising), Christine Lever (Office Manager)

Our Office:

1175 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M6H 1M9
Phone: 416-535-0200
Toll-Free: 1-888-689-9545
Fax: 416-535-8166


Chrissy Pearson, MTA
Clinical Manager

Christine Lever
Administrative Manager

Board of Directors:

Mary An Blom, MBA
Chair of the Board
Director of Corporate Strategy,
Sony Music Canada

Wanda Gascho-White, MTA
Board Member / Past-Chair (2006 – 2016)
Music Therapist and Manager,
Zareinu Educational Centre

Debbie Carroll, Ph.D., MTA
Board Member
Professor, Department of Music,
University of Québec at Montréal (UQAM)

Sandy Pelley, MTA
Board Member
Director / Owner,
Creative Music Therapy Solutions

Scott Rondeau
Board Member
Hellcreek Entertainment

Mary Cochrane
Board Member
Director of Commercial Marketing,
Canada Post – Postes Canada

Arlene Manankil-Boyce
Board Member
Director of Development,
Toronto Rehab – University Health Network (UHN)

Graham Stevenson, MBA, CFA
Board Member
Management Reporting Consultant,
TD Canada Trust

Mohit Pramanik, MSPH
Board Member
International Programs – Newborn and Maternal Health,
Save the Children Canada

Daniela Atzori
Board Member
Finance Executive, DAT Accounting Inc.

I have seen the impact that music therapy has on people who are often in the battle of their lives. Music transcends medicine; it transcends the confusion and frustration that patients can be experiencing when suffering from diseases; and it can bring joy, inspiration and reprieve unlike any other help out there.

-Chantal Kreviazuk